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UI/UX designer

Hi folks! Did you know? Visual design is potentially boundless. Let's jump together into creativity.
Next step is taking ideas to outer space, will you cooperate?

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What I do

I combine design and aesthetics centred on minimalism, typography & colour with the latest technologies.
My aim is to craft works that are both refined and effective.

What I love

Among my passions I cultivate multimedia arts such as photography, video editing, live audiovisual performance, vjing.
Creatitvity screams to be expressed by all means!

What's next

Running towards the future by implementing the most relevant developments in my professional field.
Improving Interaction design, User Experience and Usability effectively.


I possess over 5 years of web design and front-end development experience for commercial and corporate clients.

I design interface across multiple platforms, optimising usability and user experience.

I also have extensive experience in front end developing through hand-coded HTML5 and CSS3 along with accessible
standards-based implementations.
In my spare time I occasionally collaborate with visual artists in the creation of digital performances.

  • HTML5 / CSS3
  • Responsive Web / Media Queries
  • JQuery & JavaScript
  • UX / UI Design
  • Mobile Design
  • Adobe Suite
  • WordPress
  • Photography

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